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My roots and passions run deep - from my home place in New Mexico to Texas, to  southern Virginia where I live now. Each of these frontiers are a part of

who I am and my creative spirit.

New Mexico is like no other place I have experienced. The sky is different,

the air is different. It's spiritual, organic, earthy, pure and historic and I enjoy

designing  with turquoise, silver and southwestern inspired elements. 

I grew up in the race horse business and married a horse trainer/cattle rancher

so there's certainly a cowgirl-gypsy vibe you will also find here.

The mountains of Virginia and our early cabin, pioneering

lifestyle dictates much of my taste these days.

So I have created a line of jewelry, hats, tees, satchels and clothing that reflect

my heritage, and hopefully pay tribute to all parts of my frontier roots.

No matter your heritage, I hope you feel a

connection and a passion while you visit with me here. I'm so grateful you stopped by.

                                                                                                                                            ~ Jill

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