Lynne and I both love finding natural elements when designing our jewelry, and we look the world over for earthy, primitive, organic, rustic and primal elements. All of our clasps are hand-forged iron, we use the highest grade materials,

hand-cast pewter, and the very best components we can find. We impart simple naive designs, that make our offerings pure and unpretentious. Our goal is that you will wear them with pride and in good health. 


**Note: Necklace Measurements Do Not Include Clasp

*** Shipping for each Necklace is $7.00.


**Note: Measure wrist just behind the wrist bone (towards elbow) to get wrist size. Then we also include the overall length including the clasps.  Please note that different size beads will fit differently.

*** Shipping for each Bracelet is $4.00.



All natural, high-quality elements are used - along with sterling silver ear wires.

*** Shipping for each pair of Earrings is $4.00.

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